ZEDOnet color profiling service

Bring color accuracy and print quality to perfection - with an individual color profile for paper and ink.

On different media types, slightly different color tones will appear when applying the same amount of ink. This is due to different characteristics of paper including ink absorption, chemical reactions of the ink, the paper’s surface and even the paper color.

To reproduce true colors with any paper the printer driver’s color conversion must be adapted to this paper. The ink values for mixing correct colors are stored in a so called “color profile”.


From PrintFab / TurboPrint Toolbox, you can print a color chart with about 700 different color patches on a paper of your choice and send it in to ZEDOnet profiling service (the chart contains all relevant information, no additional cover letter is required).

To determine the exact color tones we will measure them with a high-quality spectrometer, create a color profile for your printer, paper & ink and will return your individual color profile by email.

To be able to offer the profile measurement service at a low price we have set up an internet order system where you purchase an order number first. By indicating this order number you prove that the measuring fee is already paid and ensure that you will be sent your individual profile by email without any further requests.


Color profile order code: EUR 14,95      add to shopping cart

Order code for the creation of a PrintFab color profile. The order code and the color profile can be used platform independently with PrintFab (Windows and Mac OS X) or TurboPrint (Linux).

The ZEDOnet color profiling service can only process color charts with a valid order code. Processing time is about 7-14 days.

Note: the profile will be created for the dynamic color management of PrintFab and TurboPrint drivers - it is not a standard ICC profile.