Fields of application

Production printing


Besides print quality the cost side is most important when printing larger quantities of flyers, mailings or brochures. With PrintFab you can achieve the desired result with less ink compared to the manufacturer's driver.


The intelligent ink saving features provide a very economical use of ink, especially when printing photos and graphics. For example, PrintFab can reduce the usage of less-efficient photo ink (light magenta, light cyan) or use more black ink instead mixing shades of gray from primary colors (most printer drivers inefficiently mix gray from color inks to reduce graininess).

Use any reasonable-priced paper that is suitable for your purpose – with our color profiling service you can get a PrintFab color profile for perfect color reproduction on that paper. You can also use lower-priced compatible inks - with an individual color profile PrintFab can eliminate color casts.


A helpful feature: for each printout PrintFab counts how many ink drops have been consumed from each color – thus you can compare and minimize ink usage for different papers and driver settings.

Further areas of application:

FineArt Photography Pre-press Home use