Fields of application

Professional and amateur photographers


As a photographer you want your artwork to be perfectly reproduced – depending on your intention with colors true to the original - or with optimized contrast and luminosity.

Finest shades of color have to be reproduced to preserve all nuances for example in skin  tones or  shadows.

You can print photos directly from your application program (e.g. Photoshop oder Lightroom) to PrintFab. Freely choose your working color space – additional ICC profiles for color spaces can be added (e.g. Pro Photo RGB, Wide Gamut RGB).

Choose any paper that is best suitable for your purpose – we will adjust your printer individually with the PrintFab color profiling service. Even specialty inks from third-party manufacturers, e.g. with wider color gamut or better light-resistance can be used. Thus best print results and maximum flexibility are ensured.

Depending on the printer, colors may look different when illuminated with different lighting, an effect that is also known as color metamerism. The red colors of a photo look more intense when viewed in artificial lighting (e.g. a desk lamp) than when viewed in daylight. With PrintFab you can choose for which illumination the colors of your printouts shall be optimized.

With the integrated Layout Editor you can crop, scale and combine snippets from different pages to a new page, helping you save expensive photo paper. The Soft Proof shows how colors will look like even before your photos are printed.

Further areas of application:

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